Any Questions?
What We Provide
Does the band provide their own PA/Lighting equipment? 
Yes, we are totally self contained, with lights and PA system. 
Public Liability Insurance and PAT Certification? 
We have £10m of Public Liability Insurance and all equipment is PAT certified.
What About Music Between the Band's Sets? 
We can put Background or Dance music on between sets or if you prefer we can plug your ipod/phone in and play your own playlist. We can also provide a DJ if required or you are more than welcome to source your own and we will happily work with them.
Will you play our favourites from your repertoire?
 Of course please let us know and we will make sure we include them in our sets. If you want us to perform a song during a particular phase of the evening that's fine too! Furthermore, if you have a favourite song that isn't in our repertoire, and you have booked more than two month's in advance, then we will learn it at no extra charge!
Will you learn a specific song or first dance? 
Yes. Given sufficient time we offer to learn any song you specify at no extra charge assuming we can make a good job of performing it. Failing that we are happy to play a copy of the original track.
Okay, How do I get a quote? 
The best way to book the band is to fill out the form on the Contacts page. We will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm if the date is available, and will provide a quote for the services requested. Alternatively, contact Richard on 07771 974346, if you prefer to discuss the detail in person. You can also contact us by email at
Can I Make a Provisional Booking? 
Absolutely! The sooner you check we are available for the date you require the better. We will provide you with a provisional quote and entry in our diary. We only insist on a firm commitment from you (via booking contract and a deposit) by two months before the event. In the meantime, if we receive another enquiry for the same date we will contact you and give you first chance to secure it. 
How Do I Confirm a Booking? 
If you've requested a quote and would like to go ahead with the booking, we'll need your full address, contact details and the venue address. We'll then post you two signed copies of a booking contract. We will ask you to counter-sign and return one copy to us along with an agreed deposit. This is payable by BACS or Cheque. The actual payment details are provided with the booking contract. 
I'm Staging a Charity Event Can You Help? 
We aim to perform two fundraising concerts a year. We will do so at a  fee. 
On The Day
What Time will the Band Arrive? 
All events are different so we will work with the organiser and ensure we are in plenty of time. Set up will then take between 60 and 90 minutes, culminating in a 10 minute sound check at full volume. We always time our set up to avoid any overlap with the arrival of the first guests. In some circumstances an early set up may be needed to achieve this. 
How Long Does the Band Play For? 
We will always adapt to your function, but we typically play for 90mins in two sets with at least fifteen minutes between sets. We can break this in to several shorter sets if required (sometimes appropriate at Charity Balls to allow fundraising periods to occur in the intervals). . 
At What Time Does the Band Play? 
We will play any time you like. For an evening event, it will usually be between 8pm and 12pm. In our experience, to maximise your guest's enjoyment and involvement, you should avoid having us play during food service. Also try to time our final set so that it falls late enough in the evening for your guests to be merry and ready to have fun on the dance floor, while ensuring the majority of guests get to see the band before they have to leave. We'd also advise allowing enough time for people to arrive and settle down socially before the band's first set. This is especially important at weddings where reception only guests need time to catch up with the day guests. 
Will the Band Require Refreshments? 
We always appreciate soft drinks and a snack during the event as it can be a very long and energetic day for us. It's not something we require, but we like to be able to plan in advance to avoid incurring hotel/venue prices. 
How Does the Band Dress? 
No matter where we play the band is always smartly clothed but for a black tie event we will certainly wear formal evening attire if requested.  Note that during arrival and set up the band members will wear more casual clothes and change in to stage cothes once the sound check has been completed. 
Can a Guest Get Up and Sing With You? 
Yes, as long as we know in advance who they are and which song they want to sing. When we reach the point in the evening where we play that song we'll give them a big introduction and invite them up on stage. In everyone's interest we will never accept impromptu requests by audience members to get up on stage with us during a performance.

The Venue & Event
What sort of Venues will you Play At? 
We'll consider any venue as long as there is power and adequate protection from the elements. We've played at just about every conceivable type of venue from intimate house parties and cosy bar corners to major hotel suites, festivals and theatres. We will require suitable access and facilities to unload and bring our equipment in to the venue. Please note we will also decline requests to perform at venues where we believe the safety of the band, the band's equipment or guests may be at risk. 
What Type of Events Have You Played At? 
We've played weddings, birthdays, corporate parties and awards nights, garden parties, charity balls, christmas banquets, theatres, ticketed New Year's Eve parties, retirement parties, nightclubs, festivals and quality bars and clubs. 
How Far Will You Travel? 
As a popular band based in North West England, 90 percent of our bookings fall in the North West, North Wales, Lancashire, Cheshire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire regions. Within these areas we believe we are unbeatable value for money. However we will happily quote for bookings further afield (potentially anywhere in the UK), but must of course factor in additional travel and accommodation costs when we quote. Please see the price guide on the bookings page for more detail. 
Do We Need to Hire a Raised Stage? 
No. A stage certainly creates a more impressive theatrical effect, but we play as many venues without stages as we do with them. However if you do hire in a stage please note that as we are a 10 piece band we require a fair bit of room and we are happy to discuss this should you consider stage hire.. 
How Much Space Do You Require? 
Our multiple line-ups and choice of different setups make us adaptable to just about any venue. However, the full five piece band requires a minimum area of 4m x 3m, the three piece an area of around 3m x 2.5m, and the duo around 2.5m by 2m. 
What are the minimum power Requirements? 
We require at least 2 independent 13 amp sockets within 10m of the performance area. For marquees and generators please note that our total draw is approximately 4kw and a single 16amp power supply would therefore be sufficient. 
The Venue has a Sound Limiter is this a Problem? 
Not at all as long as we are aware of it in advance. A sound limiter monitors the volume of sound in the room, and automatically cuts off power to the stage if a threshold is reached. Acoustic drums (or amplified acoustic drums) are the biggest risk, but our drummer will avoid this by bringing his "mini" kit which makes no significant sound until amplified through the PA. The question that should perhaps instead be asked, is whether you are happy to have such a restriction imposed on the volume of music at your event.
Can We See You Play Live Before Booking You? 
Yes. We can provide a list of our public gigs and you are welcome to join us at one, or more, of them. Unless otherwise indicated these are free of charge.
Do you charge VAT? 
No. We are not registered for VAT at this time so we do not have to pass any additional VAT charge on to you.
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